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All news this week as Bryan gets ramped up for MAX. He'll be there live and in color with microphone in hand so hook up with him to be on the next episode! Several good links for developers getting started with CF this week as well as some useful tips for those more advanced.Update: I (Bryan) somehow managed to cut out a small chunk of the audio while we were talking about MAX. All we said was that I was going to get Michael in via Skype for some of the discussions. Sorry about that!Running Time: 23:13Better coding with the Model-Glue:Unity ColdFusion application frameworkUser Group TVIs ColdFusion harming itself?XPAAJ Libraries Now Include ColdFusion ExamplesUse <CFINSERT> And <CFUPDATE>Resources for New ColdFusion DevelopersAdobe Hiring ColdFusion DevelopersRolling Your Own LogsIn the Trenches: Turn off MG Debug for specific requestsCFMX 7.0.2: Named parameter supportCFUNITED 2006 The Premier ColdFusion Technical - Birds of a FeatherColdFusion Frameworks Mailing ListSurvey: ColdFusion Behind 5% of AJAX sites