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This week we address some comments, email,and run down a few news items of interest as well as take a brief look at FusionDebug, the interactive step debugger for ColdFusion.Charlie Arehart's Blog: FusionDebug Part 3 - Getting Started With Step DebuggingCharlie Arehart's Blog: FusionDebug Part 2 - Why Use FusionDebug When You Can Just Use CFDUMP? A Baker's Dozen ReasonsCharlie Arehart's Blog: FusionDebug Part 1: Why get excited?Sarge's BlogDavid Fekke's BlogParticipate in the MAXUP unconference at MAX 2006Flex Builder 101: Four basic lessons on coding your first application with Flex BuilderClient-Side Interactivity without AjaxCompound Theory - CFQUERY Results: Is it NULL or is it just an Empty String?ColdFusion Email Validation, IsValid(), And CFMail ErrorscfQuickDocs has its own domain nowFusionDebug - The New ColdFusion MX Interactive Debugger
Running Time: 43:39