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A few games into the an already topsy-turvy Canucks campaign, Dave (with a cold) sits down for a wide-ranging conversation with hockey player-pundit Ian Bell and roster management software maker ( - they discuss Canucks player movement, European hockey culture and lifestyle, Victoria Cup and European expansion conundrums, Ian's Team Canada tour, NHL marketing & broadcasting and opinions on Sean Avery with Kilt Lifter beers at the Irish Heather pub in Vancouver.

Download: Rickety Roller Coaster Ride with Ian the Goalie - Canucks Outsider #65 (.mp3, 48:42, 41MB)

Album art: The Crazy Canucks Podcast JJ and DaveO - Credit: Tracy Kiley-Guerrero, Art'ed up by Bread the Producer 

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The Black Tories - Ghost in the Machine, Cleft Palette

C Average -  Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers

unidentified band at Great Canadian Beer Fest in Victoria

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Meet Ian Bell the Goalie