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We settle back in after a convention spree. We got back from Gen Con and took off for Dragon*Con, where Don accepted a Parsec Award for The Game Kennel as The Best Gaming Podcast. We held off some on our Dragon*Con report to talk mostly about Gen Con, especially the excitement we had visiting with you. Your support is quite literally keeping us going.

We touched on a number of games today. Board games included Theophrastus, Horus, Wings of War, La Strada, and Red November. We also talked quite a bit about Beyond the Mountains of Madness for Call of Cthulhu.

We mentioned a lot of friends in todays show. They include Meg from The Brilliant Gameologists, Dave from Purple Pawn, and Paul from Yog-Sothoth.

We had some fun with Goldfarb's recent comments slighting Dungeons & Dragons players. Wired had some fun with it. We found a great response on YouTube. ICV2 also had some good follow-up on it. We were most pleased with Hasbro's response.

We close with a follow-up interview with Chief Kobold, Wolfgang Baur, who shared a victory for the Diana Jones award with Grey Ranks by Jason Morningstar this year for Open Design. We also shared news that Polymancer Studios has announced a new magazine to come out called Paladin.