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 Infinity Heights | Part 4


Many foreigners and business expatriates are buying Phuket Villas as second or retirement homes in Thailand, due to the islands’s popularity as a holiday address and improved access with direct flights from Europe to Phuket’s international airport.

First time purchasers often ask "What is a Phuket Villa?", the term ‘Villa’ however has been somewhat muddied up over time, since you’ll now find upmarket condominiums described as Villas to associate superior quality with the development and justify the higher price tag. Phuket Villas have been known as anything from cozy two bed cottages, mid sized three or four bedroom houses, or big luxurious seven to nine bedroom mansions.

Typically, ‘true’ Phuket Villas are situated in managed compounds and are broadly speaking more high-priced than apartments or condominium units, mainly due of the bigger land area occupied. Phuket has become internationally recognised for Villa estates such as The Samsara Estate, Phuket Pavilions, and Baan Thai Surin Hill due to to their excellence both in terms of quality of surroundings and quality of service and value offered to occupants.

A typical high end Phuket villa has up to 300m sq of interior space, two to four bedrooms with en-suites, a private swimming pool, gardens and includes sea and/or mountain views.  These types of properties have an big-ticket price tag though, starting at 40 million baht. Many are scattered in remote exclusive locations over Phuket, but with a developed infrastructure there is easy access to most facilities in Phuket including some of the best golf courses in the world.

So Phuket Villas these days, generally refers to groups of free standing homes of various size and quality, the more expensive condominiums, and semi-detached properties with 1 or 2 common walls as seen in the video for the luxury Infinity Heights development above. When you purchase a newer Phuket development like this, you’ll find that the project usually has its own rental scheme and maintenance program in place, to accommodate the foreign/expat buyer.  For more information about Phuket Villas visit