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Tamarind Hills


Foreign investors can be reassured that the former risks are now gone when looking for Phuket Real Estate for sale, as there are signs of a maturing market. With Phuket now one the best known resort destinations in Asia, the days of being an undiscovered paradise are long gone and with it the early speculators as the property market settles down. Buyers looking for the next big thing are now looking at other islands like Koh Samui and Krabi, but astute investors with a longer term outlook will find Phuket very agreeable as a result of a robust and maturing rental infrastructure.

Phuket Real Estate has received strong interest from foreign investors and expats who want their own ’slice of Phuket’, despite the temporary set backs of tighter ownership regulations and the political instability coming after the 2006 coup. Initially it was the wealthy Thai nationals that snapped up a great deal of the land during Phuket’s first boom, this dominated the commercial property business, including resorts, and retail space in the popular tourist centres. Now the focus is more on residential villas and luxury condominiums as second or retirement homes for the wealthy.

The investment on Phuket is set to continue growing with further new developments appearing, although at a slower rate relative to other markets like Pattaya, due to a majority of the good quality land with beach frontages and views already built up. The entry level into the Phuket property market is no longer cheap, where it hasn’t experienced the mass budget apartment development of other markets like Spain in the 1980’s. Thankfully the property development and investing on Phuket has been far more upmarket and tasteful.

Phuket Real Estate is considered a relatively secure investment with favorable long-term returns predicted. Factors such as accessibility, location, style and size are each significant when looking at Phuket Real Estate for sale. The key factor for investors, is the reputation and professionalism of the developer, Phuket features a higher standard than anywhere else in Thailand, a country not known for high standards of quality, largely attributable the international nature of the industry. Many of the leading companies on the island are managed by experienced overseas developers with capable local staff, and can be found on