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 Tamarind Hills | Unit A


When looking for Phuket Property for sale, it is important for buyers to find a good real estate agent to help them. Under Thai law, a real estate agent is only responsible for introducing you to a seller, and from that point on the seller must pay the agent a commission when the property is sold. But you should be looking for an agent that will go the extra mile to help find the right property, so choosing a good real estate agent is important.
A good agent would guide you through each step of a property search, first to find out exactly which properties you are interested in, the budget you have available, take you to view properties, deal with sellers on your behalf, helping you get all the paperwork done legally, and looking after you even after you have finished your purchase with any questions or help to find additional services you might need.

Property sellers in Phuket will list their properties with as many agents as possible, and as most agents will have access to sell the same properties, it is not good sense to run from one agent to another to get a better deal. Agents do appreciate customers who are loyal to them and will work hard to find the right property for you, but this is not going to happen if the agent finds out you are dealing with other agents as well.

In general, your agent will not tell you where a property is located until they have taken you to introduce you to the owner or building manager, so that the seller knows you have retained the agent to represent you. Allow your agent handle the negotiations with the owner, trying to negotiate a deal on your own can be very difficult, especially if you don’t know Thai law or the Phuket Real Estate market. For any questions, ask your agent first as often they will already know the answer or know where to get it for you. A good agent will spend as much time and effort as needed to ensure that satisfied buyers are matched with the Phuket property for sale. To help you find a good Phuket Real Estate agent, visit