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In this episode, John Federico (twitter: @gadgetboy) and Ken Gellman (twitter: @gellmanken) are joined by Steve Hatch (twitter: @shatch) to discuss: Events: Podcamp NYC is on April 25th and 26th at Brooklyn Polytechnic University. As a result of Daddy Duty, John can’t attend this year. Ken will be in Baltimore with his in-laws for Greek Easter and Steve is just a dork. Ken is attending the San Fran Music Tech Summit on the 8th, 9th and 10th. Steve will probably attend Web 2.0 in San Francisco on April 22 - 25. John is planning to attend the Conversational Marketing Summit on June 9th and 10th in NYC. (Congratulations to John Battelle & Co. on the close of their recent round of venture financing.) The Podcast Audience grew 40% in one year according to a study by Arbitron-Edison Media. New York passes “The Amazon Tax” which mandates that all ecommerce providers must collect New York State sales tax for items being shipped to the state - a hefty 8.25%. California however, has rejected a similar tax. John is searching for treatment for a new maladay called “Twitter Fatigue.” We talk about twitter, twitter tools (FriendFeed, SocialThing, AlertThingy), the types of twitter spam, etc. By the way: how is twitter going to make money? Why is it that twitterific can insert advertising into your twitter stream and generate revenue from it but twitter can’t - or just doesn’t? Steve points out that Pownce inserts advertising. Ken was introduced to twitter by the CEO of MatchMine, Mike Troiano (twitter: @miketrap) If you have a jailbroken iPhone, check out twinkle - a native twitter client that inserts your location into your twitter posts using the iPhone’s location services. The Quest for Yahoo continues, this time with new crusaders: AOL, Google, and now a combined Microsoft-News Corp bid. We remain confused. AOL’s Platform A is the top advertising network by reach. Blockbuster to buy Circuit City. Like most people, we wonder WTF they’re thinking. Oh yeah, and they’re going to offer set top box for streaming video. Again: WTF?

Our music is Democracy from Alexander Blu.

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