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Gawker videographer Richard Blakeley noticed that if you re-mix the embarassingly bad Nonsociety video (dating columnist/publicity whore Julia Allison & Friends' new "online business" with actual investors) it syncs up perfectly with... a Valtrex commercial. Watch it! In related "defending your online reputation" news...

(If the video isn't working for you—we're trying to fix it!)

In Sunday's Page Six Magazine, Julia Allison debates Rachel Sklar (who writes for the Huffington Post, the world's personal blog) about whether or not it is pointless to defend your online reputation. Allison—predictably and correctly—says no. "There is no justice on the Web." (She would know.) Rachel Sklar suggests to "fight the hell back" if someone lies about you online. Perhaps through long, long, longlonglong essays on the HuffPo?