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Finding Love with Prince Lorenzo De Medici.

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Dr. Robert McDonald
& Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald

The mission of the Telos Healing Center is to heal (to make whole) and be healed. Our vision is to see the world populated by effective, compassionate coaches. And our purpose is to help create heaven on earth. In other words, at Telos we intend to heal the heart of the world through the integration of tender compassion and effective technology: The marriage of the Heart and the Sword.

In order to achieve our Telos (the ultimate goal of all goals), we use and teach The Destination® Method. This comprehensive and compassionate interpersonal activity uses various Telos Tools, which are designed to address suffering at every level of human consciousness: physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual. The Destination® Method is based on faith in the spiritual dimensions of being, goodness and principle. The Destination® Method includes the epistemology and pragmatism of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and yet it completely transcends NLP, as evidenced in the first two, of 25, convictions:

1. People are beings, not actions, nor things, nor systems of things.  

2. People are innocent, incomparably good.