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There’s no real easy way of knowing whether the money you have is legal. If you hold the bills up to the light, you should see some ‘invisible’ marking that is only seen that way. What you really need, though, is a blacklight.

You can pick up a handy little kit like I did. The Dry-Mark pens are so simple to use, it’s better than taking candy from your kid brother. Make a mark on a bill. If the amber mark turns black or dark brown, the bill is suspect.

There’s also a neat little guide that explains to you exactly where the ‘invisible’ strip should be on each piece of US paper currency. For instance, on the $100.00 bill, the strip is just to the left of center.

You never know when someone could accidentally pass you counterfeit money, especially in today’s economy. Actually, would it even be an accident? Know for sure, and check your money.