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or actor prepares for successT I M M A L O N E Y ... Shaktim ... The Hamlet of YouTubea unique perspective for YouTubers ~~~365 TAKES of one man's journey into success as an actor.'Dreams are Made of Action'Play Skip around Hamlet today... watch the layers of Tim's emotional levels of connection to this work unfold... sometimes in a crazy 'over the top' exaggeration of the truth... sometimes with a sincere tear rolling down his face and sometimes with a bit of Rock Music bubbling up as the underscore. You can share in this journey by commenting on your favorites and your not so favorites. I enjoy, as most youtube creative artists do I am sure, the feedback we so eagerly await to read ... video comments would be fun to share also. What is your opinion of this Outrageous exploration? Is it outrageous to attempt? Is it blasphemy to add Rock music or any music to Shakespeare?My goal in this process was to begin working as a professional actor, having taken almost five years off as I dealt with a deathly illness. Much of my recovery I owe to 'breathing with intention', an awareness of oxygen and what it was designed in yoga to bring to our bodies... and through my meditation practice, generating enough self love to turn my illness around and bring vitality back... More later... Thats why I have my dream to be on Oprah. I want to share my journey back from a near death experience...peace,ShaktimI'm grateful to Neil Crombie, The producer/director for Seneca Productions, UK. He Kindly featured myself and several other YouTube Hamlets in his Christmas Documentary, 'To Be or Not To Be In Shakespeare'. Many Stars of Shakespeare were interviewed including Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen. The special was built around a celebration for Sir Ian McKellen and preceded his King Lear presentation. I had the honor to follow Sir Lawrence Olivier with my one line... 'To Be or Not To Be'.http://www.senecaproductions.comHere is to the Celebration of Life, to Peace for the World and to living your 'PATH with HEART' !!!Orpah ... Here I come ! YouTube STAR 2009I'm very happy to be involved with my new venture with ...