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Click here to download Great podcast - the seven secrets of project assignments

There are project managers in organisations that get the projects they want.  This GPM podcast simply outlines the conscious process and considerations when deciding you want to take control of your project assignments.   The first steps on the path to achieving this are to think though 7 key points.  

These are the 7 secrets of great projects managers who get the assignments they want.

The podcast contains the following take homes:

1.      Identify what type of projects you like
2.      Be clear as to why you like these types of projects
3.      Understand with yourself about any capability gaps
4.      Where will the project assignment take you & your career
5.      Be mindful of who you will be working with
6.      Consider how you may be perceived in picking up a project
7.      Devise an influencing strategy for sourcing the projects you want