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Um ... Mom, Dad, I totally think I know what I want for Chanukah this year.

As a guest last night on Slashfilm's weekly podcast, we spoke briefly about George Lucas' big mouth ... and why every time someone goes to get a quote from him on whatever, the wrong answer almost always comes out. I seriously half expect the dude to say something like -- "Star Wars? Honestly, I always hated the f**king thing" -- a day or two before Clone Wars hits theaters. Because that's his style; he's awkward and he doesn't know when to just keep things to himself.

His latest interview with the Times Online is full of all sorts of odd quotes, like how he points out the fact that he's not directing Red Tails; that they got "a black director." Dude does have a name, George. There's also stuff on a potential Indiana Jones 5, where Lucas says they'll make one if he comes up with an idea. Nevertheless, above you can see a model of Mr. Lucas frozen in carbonite, which, honestly, might be the perfect place to stick the guy for a little while so he doesn't muck up anything else. These photos (click image above to enlarge) come by way of Bonniegrrl, who snapped them during Celebration Japan. Pretty cool. Me want.

Question: Is Lucas past his prime, or does he have a few more great films left somewhere?

[via Slashfilm]

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