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Today (Saturday) is the last chance to register early—at a substantial discount —for our unique Creation College conference. This general conference for the public next July—here in AiG’s Cincinnati area (and near our Creation Museum)—has a Super Early Bird discount rate that ends today!

Registrations have been pouring in at an amazing pace this week, and I urge you to register now to take advantage of this special pricing. You have 29 teaching sessions to choose from in this multi-track conference, and you will enjoy special musical presentations from our own Buddy Davis—plus our special guest, award-winning pianist John G. Elliott ( So make your plans now to join us as we meet near the museum (a week’s pass to the museum is included in your registration) in July. Visit us at for information and to register. Do it before this day ends.

Mind the Words

AiG Board of Directors member Dr. Mark Jackson challenged the staff at Thursday’s morning meeting to “mind the Words”—a great reminder concerning the authority of the Word of God.

You can listen to Dr. Jackson’s devotion at this audio link.

Media from Brussels

On Thursday, a 4-person film crew came all that way from Brussels and spent several hours filming at the Creation Museum—and interviewing Drs. Terry Mortenson and David Menton of our staff. (They will also interview evolutionists while in America for their perspective on the creation/evolution controversy.) Here is a report of the interviews from Dr. Terry Mortenson:

Recently Dr. David Menton (former Washington Medical School anatomy professor on our staff) and I did separate interviews with a TV crew from Europe, who were visiting the Creation Museum to gather footage and information for a documentary they are doing on the creation/evolution controversy.

I was second and after the interview I engage the reporter in conversation about what he thought about creation and evolution, and God and Jesus. He quickly informed me that he is an atheist. We had a lively but respectful 30-minute conversation as his crew members went off to do something else. I sought to gently challenge him about the fact that he has no basis within his atheist worldview for holding to any moral absolutes or even for trusting the truthfulness of any of his thoughts (because in the atheist view his thoughts are simply the result of chemical and physical processes going on in his brain). I also spoke to him about the uniqueness of Christ and His claims regarding His deity and His authority to forgive sin and give eternal life.

At the end of our friendly talk he said, “Well, thank you for the discussion but you haven’t convinced me.” I replied with a smile, “Oh, I never expected to change your mind in such a short time.” We chatted more as we walked through the museum to find his colleagues. I was able to give him a gospel tract that someone shared with me in college to lead me to Christ. He thanked me and said he would read it. Then I went to the Museum bookstore to get this new DVD for my family (which I have heard rave reviews about) and I decided to also get Josh McDowell’s book, More Than a Carpenter as a gift for this reporter I took it back to him as he and his crew were enjoying some refreshments. He said he would read it too.

It is a privilege to be an ambassador for Christ. And I pray that God will water the seeds of truth that I planted and that one day this reporter might come to know our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying