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From the early lead was made for DVD in which one or the user had to "Make A Selection", bits would sometimes exceed 1440, but "hey, gender queer, come back here!", he yelled at me and thus entered the competitiveness, comparing, and the sad, greasy insecurities of men. You're up? You up for it? Come on, step up Perseus, cowboy up Perseus! "I've done this, have you done it?", my testosterone, my estrogen, we bully, it good, that how it are go. Well look what I've done, it's impressive? My violence is reeking in every single one of "him". My violence is handsome, I male, I handicapped, I open my mouth to speak; blah blah blah, muscles or intelligence, it reigneth supreme. God be the father, the Patriarch, this cultural planning moral myth map, it encourageth us to spread our seed or oily hormones, thus it's purpose, it's lineage: dominance. Derek and the Dominos and the Dominati. Cellular count withheld. 4 quadrants exist in the desert. Uh hum 4! 4! 4!, hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge; four.