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MERSEY! MERSEY! While anyone can argue who was more influential in the music business - Elvis or The Beatles - there's no question the Beatles had a bigger influence on baby boomers. The oldest boomer was only 10 when Elvis graced our tv sets. But the Beatles arrived just as boomers were entering those crucial adolescent years when "finding oneself" was the biggest psycho-social-sexual challenge. Just listen to these girls talk about the Fab 4. You will hear obvious teenage giddiness, but if you listen carefully, you will also pick up subtle moments foreshadowing the blossoming and liberation of the baby boomer female. Romance and talk of marriage and settling down are prevalent. But listen early on to the response of the girl when asked if she's going to get into a nice pretty dress for a Beatles concert. Her response: "Nah - I'm going just like this (jeans and sweatshirt) because the Beatles really like casual clothes." There is definitely somethin' happening' here!