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This is too much. Bill O’Reilly used to work for ‘Inside Edition’ before he had his FOX show. This is a behind-the-scenes look at BillO losing it—yelling at the people working on the set and cursing his head off. He seems very comfortable using F-Bombs.

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O’Reilly: I can’t do it. We’ll do it live, we’ll do it live, f&^k it…..f*&king thing sucks…

Isn’t this a nice little preview of the insane persona that he would craft for ‘The Factor? Yes, he’s just looking out for the folks. The self-imposed moral leader of the Conservative movement has spoken. Is there any doubt about the Andrea Mackris lawsuit now? This should follow him around forever! (h/t Heather from OllieZiggy’s page and JulianWan)


In 1989, O’Reilly joined the nationally syndicated King World (now CBS) program Inside Edition, a tabloid/gossip television program in competition with A Current Affair. He started as senior correspondent and backup anchor for British TV host David Frost, and subsequently became the program’s anchor after Frost’s termination.