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-- The New Lair of Tony Blair:"Michelangelo Blair Wants to Rebuild the VaticanSo Men can Hang Loose, Sneakers and Cardigan,To Do Away with Tradition, Truth or History,From Petty Politician to Whom Truth is a Mystery,Fabian Tradition, Infiltrate then Destroy,Psychopaths Never Learn, Still Little Boy,Moral Relativity, Religious All-Inclusion,Think You've got Truth, He'd Say it's Delusion,Ego-Arrogance Personified, He Surely is a Dope,Wants Catholic Church Reorganized, Tony Blair as Pope" --Punch-drunk Public, Continually "Updated" - Fabianism, Planned Changes - Daily Routines - Darwinian Survival of the Fittest.Christianity, Positive Thinking - Destruction of Islam - Immigration, Martial Law - Parallel Government - Socialized World State, Population Reduction of "Lessers".Fabian Psychopath Tony Blair - Catholic Church - Interfaith, No Claims on Exclusive Truth - Fabian Tortoise and Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Hammering World into "Proper" Shape.Britain, Police Thugs (Fraternity), Predators and Prey, Murder."Green" Economic Recovery - Cars, Internal Combustion Engine, End of Private Transportation, Permits to Travel - NGOs as "New Democracy".Freemasonic Billboards, Lodges - Ancient Egypt, Bureaucratic "Slaves" - Masonic "Hints" - ID Chipping Program for Children, Education System - Programming, Arrogance - Blood Oaths.Collectivism - Training Young Leaders - Slogan Repetition - Change Agents - Soviet Union, Gorbachev, World Socialism.(Articles: ["Pope is out of step with Catholics because of his views on homosexuality, says Blair" ( - April 8, 2009.]["Ian Tomlinson death: Guardian video reveals police attack on man who died at G20 protest" by Paul Lewis ( - April 7, 2009.]["PM heralds 'green economy' Budget" ( - April 8, 2009.]) *Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 8, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)