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A 50cc scooter, "turbocharged" with the Gadgeteers' onboard hydrogen fuel cell, produces approximately 25% more power and visibly less smoke, according to this CTV news report. With such a small motor, the carbon "footprint" is correspondingly much less, in fact, tiny, tiny, tiny, compared to a typical 6000cc 8-cylinder vehicle.Please check out the Gadgeteers' other video clips on this Hydrogen Hybrid Kymco scooter.Like the news reporter says, the cost of this onboard fuel cell is only $200 -- a very small price to save this planet, isn't it?Of course, an electric scooter is also a good, if not better solution, albeit the speed of an electric scooter is restricted to 32KPH in some jurisdictions.Thanks, Prince Charles, for your "100 months left to save this planet" speech to 200 business leadersThe Hydrogen Hybrid scooter is Gadgeteer Rob's last gadgeteering project.