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In my magical pretend life, I don't ride the train for an hour each morning to sit cubicle-bound under a whirring air conditioner vent. My ideal lifestyle has more sun and more pajamas: I spend the early hours lolling around in bed drinking coffee out of brightly-hued latte bowls, the day pursuing creative endeavors, and the afternoon at yoga.

So my ideal isn't a reality quite yet, but any serenity in my current life is thanks either to ice chocolate, happy hour, or yoga. But man, carrying those yoga mats is a drag. Personally, I feel like enough of a pack mule on the range carrying the day's necessities; the last thing I want to lug is a cumbersome and unwieldy yoga mat. When I looked into buying a bag for my mat, the options were either ugly and expensive, or really ugly and really expensive. I'm no Betsy Ross, but I figured I could save myself some money and the humiliation of carrying a prefab bag by running one up myself.

I cannot sing loudly enough the praises of Hancock Fabrics. They have great prices, a dazzling array of fabrics, and my shipment arrived in a jiffy. I am still learning how to sew, so it's a Girl Scout's honor when I say that this project is simple (and gratifying!) enough for a beginning sewer. It could also easily be accomplished by hand if you have a rainy afternoon and When Harry Met Sally is on TBS. And as if you needed a bonus, this is a two for one special: if you shrink the whole project, you've got a fine looking wine bottle sleeve for your next hostess present.