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In this episode, brought to you from studio 203 in Madison, Wisconsin, we interview Fr. Dave Timmerman, a Catholic priest, about the importance of keeping a childlike faith, and we ask him what was the weirdest thing he ever believed about God. We also discuss differences between being childlike and childish, hot air balloon rides, and ideas on coping with stress.

Show Notes:

• Faith Can Help People Cope with Stress (Tuscaloosa News)

• Childlike vs. Childish (by Neil Whitaker)

• Father Dave Timmerman is a Catholic priest and pastor of both St. Andrew’s in Verona as well as St. William in Paoli, WI. He is getting ready to celebrate his 20th year as a priest, celebrating the anniversary of his ordination on May 28th. He loves animals, and lives with a 12 year old golden retriever named Gatsby. He also enjoys movies, music and traveling.

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Show Music: Coyote Sleeps by Ethan Elkind

Show Length: 42 minutes, 46 seconds

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