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I'm Going to Kill You Episode 19: Join in the Chant

Yes we really are on the internet radio, we are on Awesomeville!!! ( us out every Thursday 11pmEST(8pm PST)

Feel your butt while listening to I'm Going to Kill You!

George joins Edward and Marla in New York City and are off to see Sonic Youth perform the entire album of Daydream Nation in an abandoned pool!

Listen as they JOIN IN THE CHANT with crazed Sonic Youth fans.

Listen Sonic Youth engage in onstage banter and an avant-garde noise radio based improv jam!

Then the group goes back to le chateau Edward and Marla, where they are joined by Brett and Jesse.

The groups are full of excitement/excitement tonight!

Brett is curious about blue radishes and later recalls a fantasy involving Edwards' anus, rancid fruits, Marla’s shit and George vogueing

Jesse loves the Glockenspiel, Joan Collins and raping Marla.

Edward’s paranoia is running rampant, when he’s not busy shushing people he is busy recording Marla’s vagina while Marla is hanging out the window because of “intruders from outside”

Meanwhile George is actively deconstructing language, gets possessed by his Virginian ancestors and gives us the quote of the week:

“The more you have inside yourself, the more knives are slightly touching your anus when you raise your leg to pee.”

Find out all this and more and remember everything is fine until someone get’s entertained on… I’m Going to Kill YOU!