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Saturday: We’re at the Jazz stage drinking Brothers Pear Cider waiting for Rodrigo & Gabriela amigos. We’re not sure if you’ll be able to hear us and Darren thinks the MP3 recorder looks like cylon. What should we call this podcast. Brothers Pear Cider is really strong. We saw Incandescence, a weird Middle Eastern circus. Darren’s bought a T-shirt (look at the picture). The T-shirts are made by a company called Supreme Being. Daren’s brought an uncrinkler for his T-shirt. We’ve got showers. Darren reckons that there are more old people at this year’s Glastonbury and we discuss theories to explain this. It’s also very crowded this year. Some people come past saying “Shmee” for some reason. Some people have special spots in the audience, just like some people who have special seats in pubs.