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Show 80 Michael Medved interviews author of Exposing the real Che Guevara. Podcast rating 7 out of 10. The Author is kind of a nut but it is a good show. See show 6 for Pragerâs interview of the same author regarding Fidel Hollywoodâs Favorite Tyrant. 38 min  8.6MB. For all of Michael Medvedâs Shows go to $4.95 per month.

Book Description
A critical biography of the iconic communist revolutionary, and an expose of the liberals who lionize him.Nearly four decades after his death, itâs impossible to avoid the image of Ernesto âCheâ Guevara everywhere from T-shirts to cartoons. Liberals consider Che a revolutionary martyr who gave his life to help the poor of Latin America. Time named him one of the one hundred most influential people of the last century. And a major Hollywood movie is about to lionize him to a new generation. The reality, as we learn from Cuban exile Humberto Fontova, is that Che wasnât really a gentle soul and a selfless hero. He was a violent Communist who thought nothing of firing a gun into the stomach of a woman six months pregnant whose only crime was that her family opposed him. And he was a hypocrite who lusted after material luxuries while cultivating his image as a man of the people. Fontova reveals that Che openly talked about his desire to use nuclear weapons against New York City. Such was Cheâs bloodthirsty hatred that Fontova considers him the godfather of modern terrorism. Exposing the Real Che Guevara is based on scores of interviews with survivors of Cheâs atrocities as well as the American CIA agent who interrogated Che just hours before the Bolivian government executed him.
About the Author
Humberto Fontova, who left Cuba in 1961 at age seven, has written for several conservative magazines and is the author of Fidel: Hollywoodâs Favorite Tyrant. He has appeared on many radio and television shows and is active in the Cuban American community.