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I first met Andrew when I attended Ecosa back in 2005. That was my first exposure to permaculture and rainwater harvesting. Andrew has been living in, and working on, a project in Prescott called the Eco Hood. He also has been working with Dharma Dog Pictures to produce videoblogs about sustainability (which you can get to via andrew’s site:

Here are some resources for some words in the post:

Watershed: is a region of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a body of water, such as a river, lake, dam, estuary, wetland, sea or ocean.

Permaculture: is both a lifestyle ethic as well as a design system which utilizes a systems thinking approach to create sustainable human habitats by analyzing and duplicating nature’s patterns (ecology).

Grey Water: Wash water from showers and sinks, excluding toilet and kitchen sink water which is black water.

Bioremediation:any process that uses microorganisms, fungi, green plants or their enzymes to return the environment altered by contaminants to its original condition.

Dynamic Water Harvesting: Water Harvesting+ Permaculture

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