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Author: broadwaybullet
Added: Mon, 19 May 2008 16:19:34 -0800
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* August: Osage County recoups investment.* Love Art Laboratory in California.* Singles Night at The Mikado.* NY G&S Fest starts in June.* Styx musician pens Hunchback musical.Read more at http://www.BroadwayBulletin.comThe Pulitzer Price winning play August: Osage County is the first new play this season to recoup its initial investment. August: Osage County was also voted the #1 play of the year by Time Magazine, The Associated Press, Entertainment Weekly, and TimeOut New York.Porn star turned performance artist Annie Sprinkle and life her partner, Elizabeth Stevens, held their annual Love Art Laboratory at UC-Santa Cruz this past weekend. This years themes were love, compassion, environmentalism, and the Earth. Appropriately, the event was dubbed the "Green Wedding."Singles Night at The Mikado in NY will kick off Saturday June 7th at 8pm at the NY City Center...Read more at