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Tempbot is an experimental robot, designed to perform ordinary office jobs (but with an efficiency inaccessible for men) and to act as well as a normal human beings, including the way he relates with the opposite sex. Obviously, things will go very bad...

This short, produced by Spy Films and W+K Entertainment, is another robotic movie by Neill Blomkamp, who brought us the awesome Alive in Joburg, as long as the Citroen Transformer ad (Alive with Technology) and some other cool stuff.

Guest star of the movie is Lynda Carter, yes, that Lynda Carter!
Tempbot e' un robot sperimentale, progettato per le normali mansioni d'ufficio (ma con un efficienza impensabile per gli uomini) e per comportarsi come un normale essere umano, relazioni con l'altro sesso incluse. Ovviamente lo cose non andranno lisce...

Il corto, prodotto da Spy Films e W+K Entertainment, e' un'altro film robotico di Neill Blomkamp, l'autore del fantastico Alive in Joburg, cosi' come dello spot Citroen Transformer (Alive with Technology) e di altra roba di prima scelta.

Partecipa al film anche Lynda Carter, sì, quella Lynda Carter! Copyright 2005 Wieden + Kennedy Productions

video hosted on The Last Minute Blog

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REFERENCE: Alive in Joburg

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