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Recently, a person using a University of Virginia email address (who we found out is a visiting Professor in evolutionary biology from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster PA), sent us the following email:

Just wanted to say thanks for the entertainment. I’ve just spent 20 minutes reading through your website materials. The “Kids” section is especially funny! As an evolutionary biologist I find you creationist freaks to be (almost) as comical as you are dumb.

Considering there are thousands of articles and other items on the AiG website, 20 minutes of reading sounds like a real “academic” critique! And, as is usual for many such evolutionists today, they just like to use name calling (e.g., using the word “freaks”) when they have no real sound scientific arguments.

Oh—by the way, Professor: our kids answers website is very popular (usually with children)—you may meet some of them in the future when they challenge your unfounded evolutionary ideas.


What is ‘hallelujah’ used for in the New Testament? You may be surprised—even shocked at first! Pastor Don Landis, chairman of the board of directors of AiG, brought a staff devotion this past Friday that both challenged and comforted us as he discusses the usage of this particular word.

You can listen to his message at this audio link.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.