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Brian Preston's "Money Guy" Blog and Podcast

Brian Preston's "Money Guy" Blog And Podcast

Brian Preston, CPA, CFP, PFS, blogs and podcasts about restoring order to your personal financial chaos. By day, he\'s a partner in a ...

Active vs. Passive Investing: Which Works?

In this episode Brian and Bo dig into the active vs passive argument. It seems like there is a constant battle among investors and advisors ...

Tax Essentials

The IRS started accepting tax returns January 31st so we thought it was best that we give you some tips when filing your return. We cover ...

Homeowners Insurance 101

Brian and Bo cover homeowners insurance in this weeks podcast. The topic surfaced after Brian had a pipe burst in his home and experienced ...

Addicted to Saving

This week we look at the importance of saving early as well as evaluating your 401k and the investments inside it. Brian and Bo examine two ...

Marriage…An Education

Brian and Bo jump into the deep end of Bos first year of marriage and how his financial life has changed. Bo sees how far off his ...

Love and Marriage… and Finances (Rewind)

We intro with todays show as a preface to our next show, which will recap Bos first year of marriage. From there Brian and Bo replay last ...

The Risk of Not Taking Risks

Today, Brian and Bo tackle the risk that you take by sitting on the investment sidelines. They have been fielding a number of questions ...

10,000 Hours

Todays show is more of a life podcast, giving you the motivation to move ahead and the challenge to believe in yourself. While on vacation ...

Building Your Dollar Army

We are always happy to receive emails from our listeners, and, on this show, Brian shares two different emails, one from someone beginning ...

Investing Truths and How to Avoid the Noise

Downturns over the last 5 years have provided an incredible opportunity to learn core principles about investing. During crisis times, ...

The A B C's of Mutual Funds

When investing in mutual funds, you normally choose between Class A, Class B or Class C. The main difference in these options is the fees ...

Money-Guy Misses

Almost everyone has a story about a financial mistake that they made at some point in their lives. These mistakes are some of our best ...