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Pagan Sun god (Apollyon) worship Artifacts - Victoria and Albert Museum London

The Victoria and Albert Museum holds a vast collection of original and replica art from around the world but the interesting part is that ...

Giant Cryptic All Seeing Eye and Winged Disc

Approaching the M1 motorway from London you will see this steel structure - Or will it be seeing you first It is a giant eye folded in ...

Welcome to the Stage Managed News Propaganda

Is the 'News' stage managed Yes I believe it is and here is my take on the giveaway that exposes a worldwide scam of propaganda and ...

Russell Brand Pwns Jon Snow, Himself and the Mainstream Media News

Russel Brand does it yet again This time he calls himself and Channel 4 TV News Presenter Jon Snow 'Entertainers'. So according to what ...

David Icke The People's Voice Winged Disc 666 and the £90,000 office rent "miracle"

David Icke has spoken He has used the word 'miracles' to embellish his TPV 'Financial Statement' to the people and that to me means that he ...

Nibiru Aliens will never come to Earth! Proof is in the Holy Bible

The Holy Bible makes it plain that there are no aliens who are ever going to come here. The only beings who are coming here is Jesus Christ ...

Apollyon The Destroyer Statue Discovered in Gaza (Stage managed hilarity ensues)

The mainstream media are so funny sometimes. You are about to the see the story of the Gaza statue of Apollyon and the strongest fisherman ...

David Icke has Resigned as Director of The People's Voice (Confirmed by Companies House, London)

Everything in this video is on the public domain and is covered by fair use of criticism and review. UK Companies House shows that David ...

Apollyon wearing a Witches Hat at Hermes Airport

I took this footage in 2011. It shows Apollyon Alexander The Great, at Hermes Airport, wearing and being supported on Witch Hat columns. ...

Russell Brand X Pwns himself, David Icke, Alex Jones and the Mainstream Media

Paganism is more important than individualism Well done Russell It was a joke when they chose you as a 'Guru' and now you have delivered ...

The People's Voice Great Truth Revealed

Welcome to the David Icke Cash Flow Donation Road Show and Shopping Channel TPV David Icke wants and needs your money right now So get your ...

Vultures circle David Icke's The People's Voice

Get ready for 'The New People's Voice' David Icke's TPV is not quite dead yet but the vultures are already circling and trying to feed. ...