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Snowy trail with Eagle sighting

Gear QAV400, Hero Gopro 3 Silver GetFPV motors, simonk flashed escs 600tvl sony SuperHAD 600mw 1.3ghz videotx with blue whip antenna ...

Fun at the park with Kamikaze FPV crew

Sunday is usually FPV location day. We pick somewhere to go and get some FPV practice in. Stuff were there's obstacles and trees to fly ...

Lumenier QAV250 Quadcopter

One of the newest, greatest quads on the market, the QAV250 is small, light and agile. Can get a lot of places other quads and multi-rotors ...

In the mist Kamikaze FPV

Had a great scene at the field, with the mist just clinging to the side of the mountain, parts and patches everywhere, so had to go up with ...

FPV on Kamikaze swamp

Having a bit of a cold spell right now in Vancouver, so the boys went down to check out the Kamikaze Swamp and see if the ice is thick ...

Kamikaze FPV - Chase Trojan flying LOS through tiny hole in trees

Had to be there, or see it through 3 cameras to believe it. The man they call Steve, flies his Trojan through the tiniest hole, my quad can ...

Scratch built US Coast Guard Albatross Seaplane

Was out at Whitepine beach over the weekend and got some footage of a scale plane, the Albatross. Paint Scheme is the US Coast guard and 2 ...

Curtis Youngblood Stingray 500 - First flights and flips

Our buddy Steve, the Quadfather, brought out to the field, the next evolution in multi-rotors, a fully 3D quad with collective pitch ...

A year in pictures 2013 RC and FPV

Well, we're into 2014 and I still have a lot of 2013 raw footage that I haven't posted, and there's always tons of pictures that dont' even ...

Alligator Tours Airboat Brushless mod

Check out my previous vid of it, if you want to see some wide open throttle runs Had this out again lately when w...

Jet FPV Chase - Take-off, chase, loop and landing all in the goggles

Just a quick few laps we did at the Princeton Jet Rally this year with our Habu. Mine was an old version one with 5.8ghz fpv camera on ...

Reply to Stone Blue Airlines Christmas Giveaway #5 from Video Aerial Systems and iBcrazy

Hey guys, Stone Blue Airlines, Video Aerial systems and iBcrazy are giving away a Chimera BlueCore wing kit and an Antenna Would love to ...