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City of Mississauga Corporate Security "doing their job if you can't see them" --Ken Owen, 2008

That's right. Security boss Ken Owen really did say his knobs were 'doing their job if you can't see them'. Thus proving he had as much ...

YouTube prankster serenades Hazel McCallion, exposes Mississauga Security's secret of Suckcess

You bet MISSISSAUGAWATCH had a lot of fun with Hillis-Owen's Security Legacy I feel so sorry for the new Director and Manager.... Video ...

YouTube prankster serenades Hazel McCallion (and Mississauga City Security) --THREE camera angles

It was none other than former Security Director Ken Owen who once told Mississauga Council that you can tell Security is doing its job if ...

Mississauga City Hall: Graffiti is illegal. So...When Left Alone to Your Own Despises....

Back in the day, Mississauga Council was mind-numbing. Still is. Graffiti is illegal. So... It's vital, therefore, that intrepid Municipal ...

Vintage Mississauga Council: Smart Growth, Metrolinx, Downtown Core --and Nando Iannicca

Vintage Mississauga Council debate Councillor Nando Iannicca on Mississauga Transit, Hurontario Light Rail Transit, --peering into the ...

Hazel McCallion "I don't know if there'll be a recession when we have to borrow money in 2013"

'As I look through this Budget last night. I kept looking at it and you know what We have to put some money aside. And you can't do, you ...

Mississauga's New Logo: Toronto Star interviews Councillor Nando Iannicca

Since Mississauga now has a brand new logo, MISSISSAUGAWATCH has just claimed the old one. Because, after all, Saying It Makes It So. ...

John Tory "shell-shocked" by Hazel McCallion says MPPs can do Ontario Ombudsman municipal oversight

That's right. 'Shell-shocked' by Hazel McCallion... This is the same guy who suggests 'we should be using MPPs to do some of the Ontario ...

Peel Police cars at Mississauga Celebration Square after Canada Men's GOLD Hockey game. Why?

Twitter Timeline 'The Associated Press AP 4h BREAKING Canada wins Olympic hockey gold medal with 3-0 win over Sweden. 820 AM - 23 Feb 2014' ...

Olympic Hockey Go-For-GOLD 2014 Loonie tucked at Mississauga Celebration Square before "Epic" game

This video was modified. The CBC blocked it because it contained content including the winning goal and Oh Canada broadcast at Mississauga ...

City of Mississauga Security scuttles Hazel McCallion's reputation for "running a tight ship"

What was Mississauga Council debating in this February 14, 2007 Rogers telecast What was the 'hardship' done Money. It is now February 14, ...

Toronto Skyline 1973 --and TTC bus

Super 8 film from 1973-74.