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The making of Shaaark cartoon #220

These usually take about an hour but here's a quick video of the making of a shark cartoon, by Australian cartoonist Phil Watson. Make sure ...

Terror lurking in central park New York City

Watch carefully to see if you can spot the shark in the pond in Central Park NYC.

Tex Perkins in Shaaark!

Tex Perkins doing the voice of the shark 'Wink' in the episode of the same name. And a couple of outtakes. Click on the link to watch the ...

shark shark Shaaark!

02/15/12 Shameless and awesome promo for Shaaark the animated series. Click on the link above to see the cartoon animated version. ...

The Finbook song

Not sure how make your intentions known to that lovely shark you have your eye on Take a tip from Jacques in this short music video and ...

Shark spotted at Sydney Harbour!

01/11/12 If you look closely you can clearly see a shark right there at Sydney Harbour If you look even closer you can see its a ...

Jump the shark - what happened to the shark?

11/10/11 Ever heard the expression 'Jump the Shark' It refers to an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie jumps the shark, and from ...

Shaaark! the all new animated series

10/20/11 Thanks to the good people at Movie Extra I have created a series of 7 animated episodes. While the movie is playing you can ...

The voice stars of Shaaark!

Merrick Watts, Valerie Taylor and Tex Perkins are just some of the voice actors behind the animated series.. Shaaark Coming soon to YouTube.

Merrick Watts stars as a shark in upcoming animated series

Australian comedy legend Merrick Watts has just completed a recording session for 'Shaaark' the upcoming animated series all about sharks. ...

Shaaark animated series coming soon.

08/26/11 Phil Watson, creator of Shaaark cartoons and upcoming animated series at Palm Beach in NSW, Australia. A dead whale has ...

Sharks - how to fend off an attack

12/08/10 Click on the above link to see the new animated series... Shaaark If you ever come across one out there, ...