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One Piece

One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become king of all pirates. With a course charted for ...

(Sub) The Time Is Ticking Down! Seize the Op-Op Fruit! (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 704

Corazon's double-dealing with the Navy raises suspicions both with Doflamingo and Law. But all that is ary as Corazon finally has a chance ...

(Sub) A Rocky Road! Law and Corazon's Journey of Life! (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 703

Things grow stranger for Law as he learns the secret behind why Corazon feigns being mute But the mysterious Corazon's actions are only ...

(Sub) A Celestial Dragon! Doffy's Stormy Past! (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 702

Law's attack on Corazon looks less successful than he thought And after he's accepted into the Doflamingo Family, Corazon's mysterious ...

(Sub) Sad Memories! Law, the Boy from the White Town! (Full Episode)

The horrible secret of Flevance, the White Town, is revealed, giving clues to Law's traumatic past A rage born from the lies of the World ...

(Sub) The Ultimate Power! The Secret of the Op-Op Fruit! (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 700

With Fujitora's stalemate arousing suspicion in the Navy ranks, Law and Luffy stand away from execution at the hand of Doflamingo But ...

(Sub) A Noble Family! the True Identity of Doflamingo! (Full Episode) Season 11, Episode 699

All hopes rest on Luffy and Law being able to take down Doflamingo but the Warlord has other plans in mind as he gives the two the fight of ...

(Sub) Anger Erupts! Luffy and Law's Ultimate Stratagem! (Full Episode)

The final showdown with Doflamingo begins, but the Warlord still has several tricks up his sleeve - including turning one of Luffy's own ...

(Sub) One Shot One Kill! the Man Who Will Save Dressrosa! (Full Episode)

Usopp uses Viola's Clairvoyance to prep his ammunition to take Sugar out But the slightest hesitation now will spell disaster -- and the ...

(Sub) A Tearful Reunion! Rebecca and Kyros! (Full Episode)

Diamante has Rebecca pinned and helpless. If only the Soldier-san of her youth were able to protect her Meanwhile, Luffy and Law finally ...

(Sub) Risking Their Lives! Luffy Is the Trump Card for Victory! (Full Episode)

Rebecca makes it to the Flower Field alone, but is greeted with hostile company Meanwhile, Bartolomeo pushes himself to the limit to help ...

(Sub) Invincible! a Gruesome Army of Headcracker Dolls! (Full Episode)

Robin, Rebecca, and Bartolomeo draw closer to the Flower Field on the fourth level of the Royal Palace, but Gladius' exploding spheres send ...

(Sub) The Little People's Princess! Captive Mansherry! (Full Episode)

Franky finally makes it into the factory and the Tontattas are reunited with their captive friends But all is not well. An irate Kuween ...