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Ockham's Razor - Program podcast

Ockham's Razor - Program Podcast

William of Ockham was an English monk, philosopher, theologian, who provided the scientific method with its key principle 700 years ago. ...

2011-04-17 The Titanic disaster and global warming

Arthur Marcel lectures at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane and in today's talk he compares the circumstances surrounding ...

2011-04-10 War games and wildlife management: a parable of our times

Perth forester and historian Roger Underwood looks back to 1989 when, as part of his participation in a wildlife conservation program on ...

2011-04-03 Parks, zoos and freezers

Science writer Melvin Bolton from Yeppoon in Queensland looks at the problem of wildlife conservation and some of the battles that are ...

2011-03-27 Information management in business

Robert Hillard is a partner at Deloitte Enterprise Information Management in Melbourne and the author of a book called Information-Driven ...

2011-03-20 Half-pay pudding

Bernadette Hince is at the ANU in Canberra and today she tackles the subject of waste, particularly food waste. Never before have we tossed ...

2011-03-13 Climate science and public debate

Ian Enting is a Professorial Fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems at the University of ...

2011-03-06 Antarctica, Glossopteris and the sexual revolution

We all know the story of Robert Scott's ill-fated expedition to the South Pole, but what was the connection between Scott and ...

2011-02-27 Eucalypts, with the Duchess of Hamilton.

Jill, Duchess of Hamilton, is an enigma, and expert on topics ranging from Napoleon's horse to the desert poets of World War One. And ...

2011-02-20 The Kimberley: Australia's Last Great Wilderness

Victoria Laurie tells stories from Australia's final wildlife frontier, the Kimberley.Her book on the subject is out now through UWA ...

2011-02-13 Earth calling - SOS

Dr Reese Halter spent several years studying at the University of Melbourne. He now resides in Los Angeles but has grave concerns about the ...

2011-02-06 Ornithology: A love affair

Sue Taylor takes us on a journey of discovery and enlightenment, introducing us to all her feathered friends.

2011-01-30 Waiter, there's a climate sceptic in my soup!

Andrew Herrick, a Melbourne writer, keeps a keen eye on the march of the Melbourne fly, and climate change.