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On the Media

On The Media

The smartest, wittiest, most incisive media analysis show in the universe. The weekly one-hour podcast of NPRs On the Media is your guide ...

Bezos Buys the Washington Post, and Why Jerks Make the Best TV, and More

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post, the story of the incredibly difficult men behind the golden age of television, and a ...

This week in national security, unpaid internships in the media, and more

A busy week in the security state from Manning to Snowden, an internet security reporter being harassed by Russian cyber criminals, and a ...

The Edward Snowden Narrative, Privacy vs. Convenience, and More

The media's turn from the value of Edward Snowden's leaks to the nature of his character, the evolving story of the PRISM program, our ...

Surveillance Revelations, Turkish Media Looks Away, and More

New revelations about US foreign and domestic surveillance, Turkey's journalists caught between the government and protesters, and getting ...

Broadcasting the Woolwich Video, George Plimpton's Legacy and More

The difficulty of reporting on acts of terror, looking back at a giant of participatory journalism, and a blogger who learned to love his ...

A Week of Scandals, Catholic Whistleblowers, and More

Looking at the media's governmental scandal narrative, an American blog rocks Canadian politics, and whistleblowers in the Catholic Church.

Conservative Bloggers Vindicated, Advice for Leakers, and More

Some vindication for conservative bloggers in the IRS scandal, advice for sources after the AP call-record seizure, the Bloomberg Terminal ...

Who's gonna pay for this stuff?

This week, a special hour on the incredible volume of media available to consumers, and the incredible difficulty of making money for ...

Jason Collins Comes Out, Patenting Genes And More

A look at the media fallout around NBA center Jason Collins' announcement that he is gay, how one company is defending its patent of two ...

Surveillance After The Marathon Bombing, The Kill Team and More

Bob looks at the risks and promise of surveillance after the Boston marathon bombing, a new documentary looks at war crimes and ...

Coverage Of The Boston Bombing, Undercover Reporting, and MORE

Brooke examines the twists and turns of the marathon bombing coverage, listeners tell OTM what they want to hear from the media when ...

Gun Anecdotes, What To Know about the Avian Flu, and Grindr.

Since the Sandy Hook shootings, gun violence anecdotes have been the centerpiece of much of the reporting about guns. OTM asks if there's a ...