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On the Media

On The Media

The smartest, wittiest, most incisive media analysis show in the universe. The weekly one-hour podcast of NPRs On the Media is your guide ...

TLDR - What Does TLDR Mean?

Hello We are taking a week off the podcast to work on some special things that you will like a lot. This episode is a Best Of, in case you ...

Economics of Thanksgiving Dinner, Going Viral Pre-Internet, and More

The media's annual reporting on rising Thanksgiving dinner costs, the NSA's chilling effects on journalists, and how things went viral ...

TLDR #7 - It's Rating Men

Luluis an app that lets women rate guys they've slept with. Was he willing to commit Was he gassy The ratings are anonymous, and men can't ...

Premature Predictions for 2016, Guns as Free Speech, and More

Why the media are already speculating on the 2016 elections, carrying guns as a form of free speech, and the unwavering obsession with JFK ...

Murdoch's Media Empire, NFL Bullying and More

A peek inside Rupert Murdoch's media empire, the evolving NFL bullying story, and reporting on rape in India.

TLDR #6 - Ghost Town

Before the Internet as we know it today, there were text-based bulletin board systems all over the country that people could dial into. One ...

Misleading Obamacare Promises, The Original 'Nigerian' Scam Letter, and More

The media start challenging Obama's 'you can keep it' promise about health care, a man who challenged hackers to hack him, and a ...

TLDR #5 - Goodbye, Secret, Invisible Internet

Up until this fall, there was a secret internet. You probably heard about one part of it, the Silk Road, but that was just one secret ...

A Major Data Breach, the Media Spotlight on Victims of Tragedy, and More

A major credit bureau accidentally sells its data to identity thieves, the difficulty of reporting around DHS opacity, and the good and bad ...

TLDR #4 - The Unicorn

Millions of Americans don't use the internet at all. Some don't have access because of poverty, geography, or age. But some just never ...

The Government Shutdown's Damage, Brooke's DNA, and More

The long term cost of the shutdown is ignored by the media, Glenn Greenwald's new investigative reporting outfit, and Brooke shares the ...

Obama and the Press, a Wikileaks movie, and Brooke Talks with an iPhone.

A close look at government transparency under President Obama. Also, Sherlock Holmes Becomes Julian Assange and a declassification engine.