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On the Media

On The Media

The smartest, wittiest, most incisive media analysis show in the universe. The weekly one-hour podcast of NPRs On the Media is your guide ...

Obama’s NSA Surveillance Orders, the Uncertain Future of Net Neutrality, and more

President Obama announces changes to the NSA's surveillance practices, the first U.S. case to consider libel on Twitter could set a ...

TLDR #11 - RIP Vile Rat

This episode of TLDR contains some explicit language.On September 11th, 2012, gunmen attacked two American compounds in Benghazi, Libya, ...

The Myth of 'Blue Monday,' The Campaign for Creationism, and a Lying Cyborg Telemarketer

Journalists converge on two of their favorite wintertime topics, extreme weather and 'Blue Monday.' The FBI re-brands itself and much more.

TLDR #10 - One Hundred Songs In a Day

One way to make money making music online is the boring way. Write one song that does incredibly well and live off the royalties for the ...

The Biggest Media Errors of 2013, the Never Ending Debate about Benghazi, and More

Annual roundup of the biggest media mistakes of the last year, why we won't stop arguing about Benghazi anytime soon, and confessions of a ...

The Past, Present, and Future of Ownership

A special hour, originally aired in March, on our changing understanding of ownership and how it is affected by the law. An author and ...

The NSA's PR Offensive, The State of Hyperlocal Reporting, and More

The NSA's PR offensive, a White House task force recommends reforms to the NSA's data collection behavior, and hyperlocal reporting suffers ...

The Media Savvy Pope, Overblown "Selfie-Gate," and More

Why the media love the Pope, the photographer who took the infamous Obama 'selfie' photos, and marijuana journalism.

TLDR #9 - The Second Life of Marion Stokes

Marion Stokes was a hoarder. When she died last year, her family had to figure out what to do with 9 separate residences and 3 storage ...

Covering the Newtown Shooting Anniversary, Fighting Revenge Porn, and More

Why residents of Newtown, CT want the media to stay away on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, the battle between the FDA and ...

TLDR #8 - The Pace Picante Salsa Robot Has Gone Haywire

This episode of TLDR contains some explicit language.This has been a crazy season for internet hoaxes. This week, we investigated one we ...

Inside NFL Football, The Journalist Behind Jackie Robinson, and More

The men behind the games you see on Sundays, the journalist who played a crucial role in breaking baseball's color barrier, and a ...