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Favorites of PrincessElke

Favorites Of PrincessElke


Damon&Elena ~ I love you

Wish 6So i'm going to dedicate this to a few people who wanted Delena because there are so many of you and I want to get to everybody's ...

Nina & Ian | Sparks fly (wish #2)

Watch in HD its much betterHi guys Finally I've finished this video It's my first video with pics, and also my first Nian's video D I'm ...

stefan + caroline | bad things

yeah another steroline video, oops sorry and this song will probably always remind me of these two after 5x05, regardless of whether it ...

Damon + Elena "the meaning of my life is she"

Song Iove this version of the song so... I made this tonight thank you for supporting all my videos I love you guys +15M subs thank you so ...

?The Originals & The Vampire Diaries | Bad Girls

Please watch in 720p HD + headphonesFandom The Originals and The Vampire DiariesProgram Sony Vegas 10 Thank you for watching ...

?The Originals & The Vampire Diaries | Happy Halloween

Please watch in 720p HD + headphonesWARNING Might be disturbing to some, has a horror-like content.Happy HalloweenFandom The Originals ...

damon + elena | we're up all night

so yeah just showing i haven't died or anything lol. and that i still watch this show. and yes i'm using a very overused song which has ...

?Klaus & Hayley | Nitesky

Please watch in 720p HDFandom The Originals - Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley MarshallProgram Sony Vegas 10 Thank you for watching ...

#3) Rumple&Belle ~ Loving Her Was Red

'Remembering her comes in flashbacks and echoesTell myself it's time now, gotta let goBut moving on from her is impossibleWhen I still ...

100 + Reasons to ship Damon and Elena

Delena have 221 reasons 100 more this time this was a hard work, I hope you like it thanks so much to Sophie DelenaOTP for trusting me, ...

Klaus & Rebekah ? "Even when you hate him, you still love him."

Watch in HDFollow me can not say that I love this show, but I love the the relationship between Rebakah and Klaus. I hate Klaus for how he ...

?The Vampire Diaries | You're Losing Your Memory

Please watch in 720p HDSpecial credit goes to my friend Sarah, who helped me with finding the right scenes for the video.Fandom The ...