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Agile Leadership,Technology, Innnovation, Marketing, Sustainability, Conference Keynote Speaker

06/20/12 Leadership in uncertain times, managing risk, seizing opportunity, strategies for growth and success. Impact of ...

Take Hold of Your Future: set in 2015 to 2020 - Innotown: Consumers, Innovation Keynote

06/15/12 Future consumers, multichannel marketing, digital innovation, mobile banking, future of European union, Euro crisis in ...

Sustainable Business? Innovation, Motivation, Profit AND Purpose - conference keynote speaker

05/10/12 How to grow a sustainable and profitable business. Green tech innovation - energy saving, water conservation, ...

Future of gas industry and fracking. Energy Industry - conference keynote speaker and Futurist

05/03/12 Future of gas, wind, solar, oil etc in Europe. Expect rapid growth of gas, wind and solar power, with prices falling ...

Future of Energy -- wind. Solar, gas, oil -- Energy Industry Trends in Europe. Keynote Speaker

Future of wind, solar, gas, oil etc in Europe. Expect rapid growth of wind and solar power, with prices falling so that no subsid...

Innovation! Get Good Ideas. Change Your Future. Innovation Keynote Speaker

Practical keys to better innovation - change your future, create a better world with a touch of genius. Where to get find great, ...

Digital Marketing - Multichannel, Multitasking Customers - Marketing Keynote Speaker

Future of digital marketing and multichannel consumers. Future of broadcasting, TV advertising and media campaigns. Customer focu...

Digital Marketing - Crowd Power - Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker

Future of digital marketing and the power of crowds, social media sites like Tripadvisor and the trust they command. Why most of ...

More Customers! Where, How, When - Futurist and Marketing conference keynote speaker

How to find more customers. Why demographics is key to growing your business. New markets and new approaches to marketing. How co...

Euro Crisis: Future of EU, banking and global economy - conference keynote speaker

Future economic crisis, bankrupt banks, national debt crisis, default on debt, leaving the euro -- big issues facing European Uni...

Smart, Radical Innovation, Marketing, Consumers, Economy - conference keynote speaker

Future trends, credit crisis, economic crisis in Europe, Asia, America. Impact on government solvency, bank debt. Risks to global...

Health Care - Good and Bad - why it matters to me - motivational conference keynote speaker

Why health care really matters -- bad health care makes me really angry. Good health care can change people's lives forever. Spir...