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"The Conference Call" - Kris and Tim O'Shea, The O'Shea Report: Humor Motivational Speakers

11/17/11 The ups and mostly downs of the modern conference call. Produced by Kris and Tim O'Shea, corporate humor keynote ...

Humorous Motivational Speakers Kris and Tim O'Shea Keynote Demo

10/17/11 Kris and Tim O'Shea are funny motivational corporate speakers. Their keynote is about dealing with change through ...

Humorous Motivational Speakers 2 minute preview Kris and Tim O'Shea

08/19/11 Kris and Tim O'Shea are funny keynote speakers who present humorous motivational programs at meetings and conventions.

The O'Shea Report: Tim Mathy from Speak Inc

Kris and Tim O'Shea introduce their friend and business colleague, Tim Mathy from Speak Inc.

Humorous Motivational Speakers The O'Shea Report : Wake Up Your Meeting!

06/07/11 Why your next corporate or association meeting could be in trouble. And what to do about it.

A Day in the Life of a Payroll Professional : The O'Shea Report

05/24/11 Kris and Tim O'Shea find out what it's like for a day in the life of a payroll professional by visiting Susan Judah, ...

The O'Shea Report at PCMA

04/26/11 Professional humor team Kris and Tim O'Shea will be the opening keynote speakers at the 2011 PCMA Education ...

The O'Shea Report: Generations at Work- The difference between Baby Boomers and Gen Y

02/10/11 Kris and Tim O'Shea are corporate keynote speakers who look at dealing with change through humor.

Humorous Motivational Speakers The O'Shea Report "Change 180" Keynote Demo

12/21/10 Humorous motivational speakers Tim O'Shea and Kris O'Shea present business humor at corporate meetings and ...

The O'Shea Report "Change 180" Keynote Preview

The O39Shea Report quotChange 180quot Keynote Humorous motivational speakers Tim O39Shea and Kris O39Shea ...