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Pussy Zimmerman gets Punched in Nose and Shoots Travon Dead

Zimmerman instigated this confrontration against Travon after he was told not to follow him. Case closed Zimmerman was punched in the nose ...

Zimmerman is a Murderer!!!!

I feel Zimmerman lied to get away with committing murder against Trevon, a 17 y.o. minor. I did a lot of research and this was not self ...

Strange Sounds From Sky in AZ (Apache Trail).wmv

It was a beautiful, relaxing day on 3/10/2012 on the Apache Trail in Arizona, USA. We decided to get out of the car and look around the ...

Spiritual Class on Cell Memory and Ask a Psychic Question

I will tell you how to talk to your cells and command them to take you back to a time when you didn't have pain for example. I meditated ...

Rush Limbaugh, "You're a Pig!" (Calling Sandra Fluke A Prostitute)

Rush Limbaugh repeatedly called a Georgetown University student a slut for 3 days because Sandra Fluke went before Congress regarding oral ...

2012 Oscars- Celebrity Gossip-J. Lo, Angelina Jolie, Viola Davis Style

Did J. LO's dress malfunction Angelina Jolie is very skinny and underweight. Viola Davis goes natural with her hair. They are asking if ...

Orb Passes over Me

I was making this scene for another project and when I played it back I saw an orb. Orbs are spirits and apparently my dog, Teddy, didn't ...

Did Mimi Alford Lie About Affair She Alledges She Had With JFK?

Mimi Alford, 'Once Upon A Secret' alledges she had an affair for 18 months with John F. Kennedy. Why did she wait 50 years to write her ...

5 Years On YouTube!!!

Today is my 5 year anniversary on YouTube. I keep my old videos up to show you how I evolved. I will talk about my new projects for 2012 ...

Ancient Civilizations and Christianity on 2012 - End Times

Included is a link of what ancient civilizations, Native Americans, Hindu religion and Buddhists feel is to occur in 2012. Christianity has ...

Strange Sounds in Costa Rica and My Thoughts - Annunaki

Seismologists ruled out ground movement in Costa Rica after strange sounds were heard. These sounds then were heard in the Ukraine and in ...

Conversations With My Father, Freemason 32nd Degree Past Worshipful Master

I will discuss the conversations I had with my late father who was a freemason and went through the chairs to become a 32nd Degree ...