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Meet My Puppy, Bella, Yorkshire Terrier

Bella, is my new addition to my family. She is a 12 week old Yorkshire Terrier puppy. This is a relaxing and beautiful video without words ...

Audio Enhanced EVPs Constitution Drive, Allentown, PA

I used Wave Pad Sound Editor to enhance the audio of EVPs which we couldn't make out from the video. I have two Class A EVPs. One of a man ...

Barely Legally Blonde (Step by Step to get Extra Light Ash Blonde-almost platinum)

I will get you to the lightest blonde even platinum blonde. I will show you all the products I use and step by step how I color my hair. I ...

Constitution Drive using Ghost Radar - Paranormal Investigation

I used, 'Ghost Radar Legacy' which shows where a ghost is detected by using the electro magnetic field. Words were also detected. Here's ...

President Obama Defends Trayvon Martin

President Obama just addressed the nation stating that Trayvon Martin was racially profiled regarding the George Zimmerman trial. I feel ...

Jodi Arias Should Get the Death Penalty and Another Jury

Since the previously jury was deadlocked I feel that another jury should be picked and they should through the penalty phase and hopefully, ...

Impending War and Obama Care

We are looking at hard times as we have impending war against Syria, North Korea, and possibly Iran. At the same time we have over a 16 ...

My New Short and Sexy Hair

I went really short for me losing about 5 inches of hair. It's very sassy, sexy and professional as well. I was so tired of long hair but I ...

Six Year Anniversary on YouTube and over 10,000,000 Views and My New Look!!!

I want to Thank all of my subscribers and friends I share what I am really about and how diversified my channel really is. I have a new ...

Clairvoyance on Shootings and End Times Inner Conflict Between Evil and Good

I will discuss the Annunaki who comes in through Planet X/Nibiru every 3600 years. They have been here before as depicted on clay tablets ...

New Addition to Family

This is Jupiter. She is a tortoise shell kitten and is about 10 weeks old. She belongs to my son, James, who is now 12 years old. You ...

2013 Predictions on War, One World Government, Microchipping, and Self Defense

I start out talking about the shooting in CT and how people have had enough. It won't be gun control but more people will be buying guns ...