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2014 Overview of Human Trafficking in Oklahoma

This video has been edited to show the human trafficking side of street prostitution in Oklahoma City. This video was most recently viewed ...

2014 KWTV News9 Covers the UCO Human Trafficking Panel - JohnTV's Brian Bates participated

2/18/2014 - Edmond, OK -- JohnTV's own 'Video Vigilante' Brian Bates recently participated in a large public panel discussion on the UCO ...

A second interview with Mary - an Oklahoma City street prostitute and drug addict

This is the interview with Mary Hohlt - a longtime South Robinson Ave. street prostitute and drug addict in south Oklahoma City. Mary gives ...

Interview regarding proposed Oklahoma anti-human trafficking laws for 2014

2/7/2014 -'s Brian Bates was interviewed local by Kisha Henry with KOKH Fox25 News regarding proposed legislation regarding ...

JohnTV Overview of Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Oklahoma City

This is a 8 video that I often show when asked to address college students, church and civic groups or other public or private gatherings. ...

A man is busted having public sex with a street prostitute in a Oklahoma tire dump (ep: 393)

1/7/2014 OKC, OK -- Ride along with's own Video Vigilante Brian Bates as he confronts men engaged in sex with street prostitutes ...

A 'John' is confronted in a sex shop parking lot after picking up a hooker (ep:390)

1/7/2014 - OKC, OK -- JohnTV's cameras were rolling as a a potential 'John' picks up a street prostitute on S. Robinson Ave., rents a hotel ...

Asian 'John' busted having public sex with street prostitute in neighborhood (ep:386)

Episode 386 'Neighborhood Nookie' More information about this specific video on our website at Many FAQ's abou...

A man is busted having sex with a street prostitute in a Mexican restaurant parking lot (ep: 385)

More information regarding this video on my website - Also I addres...

OKC pimp Henry Thornton, aka T-Nutty, busted for drug dealing, kidnapping, robbery and rape.

At 65400 the date should read Aug 21 and not Sept 21. I put a YouTube 'label' over it, but apparently it doesn't show up for everyone. This ...

Yvonne: An Oklahoma City street prostitute's journey

This is a video montage of one of's most memorable individuals. Yvonne, was first 'turned out' by her mother, who sold her at ...

Man caught on tape having sex with a prostitute in an apartment complex parking lot

JohnTV Episode 375 Ride along with Oklahoma's own Video Vigilante Brian Bates as he shines a spotlight on the graphic reality of street ...