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News videos from Mochilla

News Videos From Mochilla

News videos from Mochilla.

Clinton gives full backing to new Haiti leader

Haiti president-elect Michel Martelly won unreserved support Wednesday from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on a visit to the United ...

BP uses billions to repair reputation after spill

From evil empire to economic savior, BP has made a radical turnaround in its image along the Gulf Coast. Thanks to the investment of ...

Shanghai showcases auto world's China hopes

Foreign and Chinese carmakers unveil plans to ratchet up investment and introduce new models in China as Shanghai's auto show opens with ...

Japanese spirits unbowed by wind of change

Nearly six weeks after the tsunami, many of those whose homes stood up to the raging torrents have only just been able get back into them ...

Republicans finally get attention ahead of royal wedding

Anti-monarchists from across Europe are jumping on the royal wedding bandwagon in Britain in the hope of using the much-hyped event to ...

Bridge project divides rural German community

The Mosel valley, in western Germany, is famed for its verdant valleys and Riesling wines. But some local people are up in arms over a ...

Ex-Taiwan hunter to save Formosan Black bear

Habitat loss and illegal hunting have put the Formosan Black bear on Taiwan's list of endangered species. But a former hunter and a woman ...

Hotel building boom in Iraqi city

Hotel construction is booming in Najaf, this holy Shiite city in central Iraq. Every year, over 3,500 people come to visit the shrine of ...

Olympic canoe venue opens to public

The Lee Valley White Water Centre, the only brand new London 2012 venue that can be used ahead of the Games, opens to the public on Friday. ...

Jesus is back - at least in Brazil

The New Jerusalem is Brasilia, and the preacher Inri is its prophet. This, at least, is the creed of a bearded, robe-wearing, unflappable ...

Little princesses get royal treatment, for a day

The countdown to the royal wedding in Britain is approaching zero... but Kate Middleton isn't the only commoner preparing to become a ...