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News videos from Mochilla

News Videos From Mochilla

News videos from Mochilla.

The men who cleaned up Chernobyl, 25 years on

VIDEO An estimated 600,000 rescue workers -- known as liquidators -- were sent to Chernobyl in the years after the disaster. 25 years on, ...

The Passion of Christ, in a Rio favela

In Rios notorious City of God favela, the passion play performed this Easter speaks to its audience -- with Christ as a preacher in the ...

Firms cash in on beatification of Pope John Paul II

VIDEO Rome is preparing for one of the most anticipated events in the Catholic world the beatification of John Paul II. T-shirts, keyrings, ...

Nigeria's megacity makes progress

VIDEO Nigeria will elect its highly powerful state governors on Tuesay April 26, although the votes in two riot-hit northern states have ...

Civilians flee Thai-Cambodian border conflict

Cambodian and Thai troops exchanged heavy weapons fire for the third straight day on Sunday, officials from both countries said, after ...

I. Coast's Ouattara meets top pro-Gbagbo official

Ivory Coast's President Alassane Ouattara met Thursday with the top court official who had declared he had lost to the ousted leader ...

US lion cubs tumble toward adulthood

Seven cubs born to sister lionesses Shera and Naba, sired by papa Luke last year at the National Zoo in the US capital, are on the verge of ...

ANC youth leader defends 'shoot the farmer' song

The firebrand youth leader of South Africa's ruling party took the witness stand Wednesday to defend himself against hate speech charges ...

Good Friday crucifixions in Philippines

Devotees re-enacted Jesus's crucifixion in gory scenes while millions of other less extreme faithful across the Catholic Philippines prayed ...

Easter week processions in Colombia, Guatemala

Christians around the world are marking the Holy Week of Easter, remembering the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ceremonies ...

Nobel laureate slams Argentine politicians

Winner of the Nobel prize for literature Mario Vargas Llosa on Thursday denounced politicians who have kept Argentina 'in a constant state ...

French police hunt dad in south after family killed

French police hunting a father suspected of shooting dead his wife and four children and burying them in the garden turned their attention ...