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Favorites of representativepress

Favorites Of Representativepress


On 9/11, Tom Brokaw actually reported why we were attacked!

Tom Brokaw actually reported why we were attacked on 9/11. In the heat of the moment, the motive slipped through. We have a report here ...

We Can End This Freak Show (STOP THE WARMONGERING)

We're not at the point where we risk being decapitated. My next video is gonna be about the White Rose. And a point I'm gonna make in that ...

McCain Confronted on USS Liberty Cover-up & Media Accomplices

Israel's Intentional Attack on the USS Liberty Still Suppressed by the Media Please Share this video with everyone. I have been trying to ...

Maximum freedom

can only be achieved by structure.

Don't let them start another war!

To start the war in Iran ... WOULD BE DISASTEROUS

To start the war in Iran ...

To start the war in Iraq, Congress was lied to.To start the war in Afghanistan, Congress was misled.To start the war in Libya, Congress ...

Mike Wallace's Deceit ISN'T A JOKE! And I Have Criticized Fox News ...

New video on the main channel soon. I just wanted to respond to this comment to one of my most important videos. They're complaining that ...

Meanwhile, I Still Seek Justice Because This Isn't Right!

Get the free political flyer here You can help amplify the fight for justice. Pass it on at the Hall of Justice' boost the views of ...

Tell EVERYONE: We Can Derail the War Train (Snowball Effect!)

Albert Einstein WARNING WWIII risks catastrophic effect on our civilization.Get it Now it on Danger of Allowing Status Quo Media to ...

Chomsky Shows Israel's History ISN'T as Mass Media Claims

See What Israel Really Did in 1948. NOTE This is a critical fact often omitted when the history is presented and this leads to a very ...

We Must Not Allow the Media to Push us into Another Fraudulent War!

We Must Not Allow the Media to Push us into another fraudulent war Get the PDF of the flyer hereTEXT of flyer Remember companies ...

Because We're Dominated by a Criminal Minded Mass Media

War Propaganda Exposed We must establish a representative press which will, at the bare minimum, acknowledge the concept of rule of law ...