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Favorites of representativepress

Favorites Of Representativepress


Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting willing to tell the truth about Israel & media distortion

Retweeted by Representative Press Israel killed 22 kids in Gaza last year, UN reports--yet media focus on 1 child said not to be killed by ...

Thank You Mike for Embedding video about Rand Paul on Obama, drones and US Constitution.

Mike Rivero of What Really Happened posted THIS video Obama is no Angel, Oath to Constitution MUST BE BINDING hope you will be willing to ...

Oscar Nominated Palestinian invited to Academy Awards BUT Detained at Airport Then Released

Bil'in resident documented Israel's illegal land grabs, 5 Broken Cameras is the result. Emad Burnat was invited to the Oscars but they ...

Iraq War Vet Kills "American Sniper," Media Asks Motive

Shot Dead at Gun Range, American Sniper author Chris Kyle was reportedly murdered by Iraq War veteran suffering PTSD. Proof that will send ...

The Real 9/11 Conspiracy: Traitorous 9/11 Commissioners Served Israel Agenda

See how Hamilton is a traitor and others, betraying the American people. These traitors protected Israel policy over serving the interests ...

Chick Bank robber's motive NOT funny

I probably should have made it clear that I had already read, before making my video, that she had HIV and that the reason the government ...

Angry Wife Runs Over Husband for Not Voting Against Obama

Arizona Woman Hits Husband With SUV but tells police it was accident and she was only trying to scare him. 'Solomon's husband, Daniel ...

The Two Religions of America: Protestant and Catholic

The Two Religions of America Protestant and Catholic. BOTH.Give it Your Best Shot

The Most Important Cause of the Constitution: the Media vs. U.S. Constitution

The father of the Constitution said the most important clause of the Constitution is the clause that restricts the power to declare war to ...

Violating Your Political Rights in 2012 Election [Part 2]

So given that fact, that a majority, in this recent poll, said a third party or multiple parties are necessary, could YouTube please change ...

Caller Warns: Mitt Romney is a Neocon Republican Risking World War Three

Although Romney is clearly a bad choice, the diff with Obama may really not mean much because Obama is so dishonest, unjust immoral as ...

IAEA Report: No Evidence Iran Diverted Any Nuclear Material for a Nuclear Weapons Program

Mainstream media misrepresents latest International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA report. What that report actually says is there is no ...