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On a Bus to St Cloud - Trisha Yearwood (KarenEng & YEOLDECHARRO duet!) Cover

Vic, from YEOLDECHARRO, asked me to do this duet with him and I am glad that I did He did such a wonderful editing job and playing the ...

Take Me Home Country Roads - John Denver (KarenEng Cover!) Singing Live!)

NOTE One of my subscribers asked me to do this song in dedication to his brother, who passed away. Ps. Again, I am so sorry Randy for your ...

Feel Like Making Love - Bad Company (KarenEng Cover!) Singing Live!

I wanted to upload this classic KarenEng video that I did 5 years ago for Valentines Day I hope you enjoy it, for those who have never seen ...

My Heart Belongs To Daddy - Marilyn Monroe (KarenEng Cover!)

NOTE Wayne put this fun video together for me. If you want to see more of Wayne's video creations here is his Youtube site

Have You Ever Been Lonely - Terry Harrison & Karen Eng Duet (cover)

NOTE I have to give credit where credit is due. Nanno, who is a wonderful singer and performer here on Youtube did the video editing for ...

My Sweet Lord - George Harrison (KarenEng Cover!) Singing Live!

NOTE Yes I know that George Harrison had a different belief system than me, but I adapted this awesome classic song to my belief Yes, we ...

Dream A Little Dream of Me - Mama Cass (KarenEng Cover!) Singing Live!

I just felt like singing tonight. This song is so fun to sing I hope you enjoy it I had a blast singing it Mama Cass was the best Ps. Have ...

My Heart Belongs To Daddy - Marilyn Monroe (KarenEng Cover!) Singing Live!

NOTE Not an easy song to sing lol But lot's of fun nevertheless And don't ask me what the song means lol Just singin a classic Marilyn tune ...

I Don't Know How To Love Him - Yvonne Elliman (KarenEng Cover!) Singing Live!

After I posted my Julie Andrews video, I had a request from Bill to sing this song. I have sang it before, but I just felt like singing ...

The Sound Of Music - Julie Andrews (KarenEng Cover!) Singing Live! No Lipsynching!

I was just singing some Julie Andrews in my computer room tonight, working out my voice a bit, and my cat got so excited that he jumped up ...

KarenEng Dancing to The Caribbean Disco Show HD - SwellMusik (NEVER POSTED BEFORE!)

NOTE I thought this would be a fun lighthearted video to put up for Memorial day weekend Always remembering those who put their lives on ...

Moonlight Drive - The Doors (KarenEng Cover!) Ray Manzarek Tribute

I just felt like uploading this video that I did awhile back as a tribute to Ray Manzarek from the Doors, who has inspired so many people ...